Two of the greatest games of the 80's, Manic Miner and Impossible Mission combined in one game.


Move: Arrow keys or W-A-S-D. 

Jump: Press "CTRL", "F", "M" or "Space" to jump.

Search: Move UP to search furniture pieces while standing in front of one.

Lifts: UP or DOWN to move elevator in shafts or lifts in a room.

Puzzle: Jump UP or click the map while you're in elevator shafts to open the Puzzle solver (you can use Puzzle Trainer in the main title to familiarize with this final stage of the game).

Pause: Press "P" to toggle pause. Auto-pauses if you switch to other windows.


Since it's a mash-up of Manic Miner and Impossible Mission the story is miner Willy, several years after completing his adventure in the 20 lethal caverns, decides to go back in the caves only to discover that the mad professor (Elvin Atombender) has build there an underground complex. 


Willy has to get keys (or flashing objects) in the 32 rooms, search furniture pieces to find puzzle pieces (or passwords to disable guardians temporarily or reset platforms). Once you have gathered enough pieces you can combine them into blocks so you can form a complete picture (a random drawing from Drawception) to discover the password. Finally use the password to unlock Atombender's control room and stop the threat (Atombender is about to launch missiles against cities).


By default you get the Commodore64 mode; even during the game you could change the display on-the-fly to appear like ZX Spectrum, Vic20 (palette only) and PC EGA.
For an extreme 8bit experience switch to "Speccy" in the Options > Sprite rendering mode (only 2 colours per 8x8 block).

Puzzle Trainer

If you didn't play the original Impossible Mission you might want to familiarize with the puzzle (which is the final part of the whole game) by clicking the "Puzzle Trainer" to see how the piece-matching works.
Watch this video to see how to solve one (no spoiler, the pieces and drawing will be different every time).
Basically you scroll up/down the available pieces (in the trainer you have them all, in the actual game you need to find those in the furniture) drag the pieces -with a particular shape in common- and release them in the slots at the center. Try to find a match, you can flip them horizontally and/or vertically and combine them dragging one on top of the other. Four matching pieces must be combined to form a block which can be moved on the slots to the right: if the orientation and placement is correct a part of the password (***) will be revealed.

Please note:

This viewport is intended for playing the game only. To use the Level Editor you need to open the original page directly on your browser at full window. 

The Fullscreen button on top-right won't work here so please use the one provided by Itchio at the bottom-right, otherwise UP/DOWN will scroll the page.

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Made withKrita
Tags8-Bit, Commodore 64, impossible-mission, Level Editor, manic-miner, mashup, Puzzle-Platformer, Remake, Retro, ZX Spectrum
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Thanks for your work, It would be great for the original machine too! ;-)


Hey! Thanks for your post! On the original machine... err I'm afraid I'm missing the required skills 😅 Well, I used to make games for c64 as a kid but in plain basic only, no interrupts/assembly. Although I know brave ones who still do this today.

I understand, no problem. :-) In any case, I appreciated this, because it's a good idea and fun.